VOSOL Ear Drops 35ml


Vosol Swimmer's Ear Drops treat and prevent painful ear infections and irritation cause by constant moisture in the ear, a condition known as “swimmers ear”. Vosol is specifically formulated to kill bacteria and inhibit fungal growth.

Directions: Preventative use: place 2 drops in each ear morning and evening. Treatment of infection: carefully remove all wax and debris before placing 5 drops in the infected ear 3-4 times daily. To prevent infection in unaffected ear, place 2 drops twice daily in unaffected ear.


  • Propylene Glycol Diacetate - 28mg/g (2.8%)
  • Acetic Acid - 22mg/g (2.2%)

Precautions: Keep Vosol Swimmer's Ear Drops out of reach of children. Warning: Unsuitable for use in the presence of discharge of the ear and perforation of the ear drum. Do not use with ear grommets.