At Chemist Plus we value sustainability. We have the responsibility and opportunity to do right by our community and all of New Zealand. At Chemist Plus we do our part to contribute towards a sustainable world for present and future generations. We acknowledge the responsibility we have in creating a sustainable economy and this value is prominent in everything we do. We believe that leading by example is key to making this transition so we have partnered up with some key organisations to help us on this journey. At Chemist Plus you will find

that we are single-use plastic shopping bag free. We pride ourselves with using recyclable paper bags and have also created our own reusable environmentally friendly shopping bag as pictured on the right. Our team do their part to ensure we incorporate sustainable practices and operate in an environmentally friendly manner. Removing single-use plastic shopping bags to reduce plastic pollution is a huge step in the right direction for New Zealand and we are fully behind this movement. Our team at Chemist Plus will continue to do our best to reinforce this positive change.


Chemist Plus’s very own environmentally friendly reusable shopping bag