Living Nature

Bee Venom Mask Single Sachet 20 ml



Living Nature Bee Venom Mask uses a certified organic cotton fibre mask to deliver a serious anti-ageing treatment made in New Zealand from 100% natural and organic ingredients. Formulated for all skin types, this mask has been made from the highest quality ingredients including certified organic coconut oil to keep your skin moisturised and nourished.

Living Nature’s Bee Venom Mask is pH balanced to ensure it works in harmony with the skin’s natural acid mantle, to promote ultimate skin balance and health.


Glycerin (vegetable glycerin)**
Apitoxin (bee venom)**
Mel (manuka honey)**
Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil**
Isoamyl laurate
Galactoarabinan (larch tree extract)
Xanthan gum
Caprylyl/Capryl glycosides
Sodium cocoyl glutamate
Citric acid
Triethyl citrate
Glyceryl caprylate
Benzoic acid
Sodium levulinate
Sodium anisate
Sodium phytate

*From natural essential oils
**Certified organic

Directions & Precautions

Not suitable for anyone with bee-related allergies.

Wash face thoroughly and pat dry.
Remove mask from sachet, carefully unfold.
Gently apply mask to face.
The mask will provide a pleasant skin sensation upon application – this may at first be quite cooling, followed by the warming effect of the bee venom stimulation.
Leave on skin for 10 – 20 minutes
Remove mask from face and gently clean any excess product off with tepid water.
Pat dry for smoother, fresher skin.
Follow with your normal Toning Gel, Serum & Night cream.