Berry Pulse Oximeter Adult BM1000D



Berry Pulse Oximeter Adult BM1000D

Fingertip pulse oximeter integrates the SpO2 probe, data processing and display module.  It's a convenient device for monitoring SpO2, pulse rate, pulse intensity and plethysmogram.

  • Simple and convenient, one-touch operation
  • Small, light weight, convenient to carry
  • Lower consumption, original two AAA batteries can continuously work for 15 hours
  • Low voltage reminder shows in screen when there’s low battery
  • The machine will automatically power off after 10 seconds when there’s no signal generated
  • Waveform & intensity bar graph  
  • Pulse Rate SpO2 and PI display with buzzer
  • Two-direction display Colourful screen
  • Turn the buzzer ON or OFF
  • Data can be stored and analysed
  • Alarm function
  • Extended Information: