BioKap Nutricolor Delicato Rapid Natural Brown 4.0 135ml



  • Permanent hair dye.
  • Long lasting natural colour.
  • With bio Argan oil and Tricorepair.
  • Fragrance Free.
  • Nickel Tested.
  • Dermatologically Tested.
  • Suitable for Vegans.
  • Made in Italy.

Biokap Delicato Rapid Natural Brown (4.0) is a hair color suitable for even the most sensitive scalps. Its natural ingredients protect the scalp, nourish and repair the hair during application. This coloring covers gray hair from the first application. The hair is nourished, softer and shinier thanks to the Tricorepair complex and the organic argan oil it contains. The Tricorepair complex contains Rice Proteins with a restructuring and regenerating action similar to keratin, a derivative of Willow which protects the hair from UV rays and discoloration, Lipophilic Acids from Fruits which take care of the scalp during laying color and make it perfect for the most sensitive skin. Argan oil with moisturizing, emollient and protective properties, nourishes the hair in depth and makes it more supple and luminous. It is advisable to pour the contents of the color tube directly into the applicator bottle for direct application to the hair. To avoid stains during handling, the bottle can be placed on the back of the case in the pre-cut area. A protective cape helps prevent staining a towel. Break time: 30 to 35 minutes. Read the directions for use in the box before use. It is always advisable to perform a sensitivity test 48 hours before use. Store away from light and away from heat sources.


Directions & Precautions

Before using the product, carefully read the instructions on the package. Always perform a sensitivity test 48 hours before each application.

Do not mix with any other dye.
* The absence of these substances does not exclude the risk of allergic reactions.