Bushman Aerosol 40% 130 g


Personal insect repellent for Mosquitoes, Sandflies, Ticks and Leeches and Marchflies

(This is an aerosol product which cannot be sold overseas)

Bushman Aerosol 40% Deet protects against Mosquitoes, sandflies, ticks, leeches and Marchflies.

With high concentrations of Deet this product ensures protection in the harshest of environments, with intense insect activity.

This product is comfortable to wear, with a pleasant odour and is sweat, water and rub resistant.


10 hours protection
Water, sweat and rub resisitant
Pleasant Neutral Odour
Unique Time release protection

Active Constitutents:
400g/kg Diethyltoluamide

Directions & Precautions
May be dangerous, particularly to children if you use large amounts on the skin, clothes or bedding or on large areas of the body.
Keep out of Reach of Children

Hold upright 15-20cm from exposed skin and lightly spray.
To apply to face, spray on hands and rub on.
Do not spray towards mouth or eyes.
To apply to clothing, spray on where clothing fits tightly to the body.