Coloxyl with Senna

Coloxyl with Senna 90 tablets


Stool Softener + Stimulant Laxative

Coloxyl with senna is a dual-action laxative, which provides fast relief from constipation within 6-12 hours. It contains two active ingredients: docusate sodium and senna. Docusate Sodium is a stool softener laxative that works by drawing water into the stool, making it softer, while senna is a laxative that stimulates the bowel to help push the stool out

Coloxyl with senna features:
Fast constipation relief within 6-12 hours
Overnight relief: Can be taken at night to produce a bowel motion in the morning
Suitable for those taking constipation-inducing medications, such as opioids
Easy to swallow, sugar-free film-coated tablets

Lots of people suffer from constipation for lots of reasons. Changes in diet routine medication and hormones can all make you feel less ‘regular’ and rather uncomfortable. Coloxyl® is a gentle stool softener that provides trusted effective relief from constipation. Ask your pharmacist which Coloxyl® product is right for you.

How fast does Coloxyl with senna work? Will I have to rush to the toilet?
Coloxyl with senna usually takes 6-12 hours to provide constipation relief. This is faster than Coloxyl 50 or Coloxyl 120 since Coloxyl with senna contains the stimulant laxative senna. It is recommended you take it at night so that you are ready to go to the toilet by the morning.

How do I take Coloxyl with senna?
Coloxyl with senna comes in tablet form, and the normal dose is 1-2 tablets taken with a glass of water just before bed. This can be increased to 4 tablets if needed.

Each tablet contains: docusate sodium 50 mg, sennosides 8 mg

Directions & Precautions
Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your healthcare professional.

Coloxyl with senna is suitable for use in adults. The recommended dose is 1-2 tablets with a glass of water before bed, increasing to up to 4 tablets if required.: