Complete Multi-Purpose Solution Easy-Rub Formula 3x240ml



COMPLETE Multi-Purpose Solution Easy Rub is convenient. As a busy professional and business travelers, you know how having dry eyes can affect your comfort level while flying, driving, or just sitting in front of a computer. Experts say that the air in a plane flying at 35,000 feet can be as dry as the desert! And, did you know that your eyes blink less when you are working on a computer? That's bad enough for professionals in general, but can be downright painful if you are wearing contact lenses. Dry air or infrequent blinking causes eyes to lose moisture. Contact lenses become dry, and your eyes are scratchy and irritated as a result. Red, puffy eyes are not the best way to make a professional impression! Complete Multi-Purpose Solution Easy Rub formula also helps promote a healthy lens wearing experience. The result is a contact lens that's healthier and more comfortable to wear anywhere, at 35,000 feet or in the boardroom.


PHMB 0.0001%, Poloxamer 0.05%, EDTA 0.02%.


Directions & Precautions

Thoroughly rub contact lens for 5 seconds on each side, rinse and soak in lens case for a minimum of 6 hours.



Always read the label carefully and use strictly as directed.


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