Curash Anti Rash Powder 100g



Curash Babycare Anti-Rash Baby Powder with cornstarch contains Zinc Oxide 25% w/w. Helps heal & prevent nappy rash, provides protective barrier and helps soothe and calm skin. Curash Anti-Rash Baby Powder helps treat and prevent nappy rash and heat rash in babies and chafing in adults. Three way action - the active ingredient, Zinc Oxide, soothes irritation, heals and prevents dampness with a 'no mess' active barrier. • Contains 25% Zinc Oxide • Use Every Nappy Change • Helps Heal & Prevent Nappy Rash • Protective Barrier • Helps Soothe & Calm Skin • Suitable for Newborns



Zinc oxide 25% w/w, Talc, Maize starch, Perfume

Directions & Precautions

Baby - Use every nappy change. Sprinkle powder onto hand (away from baby) and smooth onto skin. Adults - Use daily on areas affected by chafing.