Daktarin Cream 30 g


Daktarin Cream is a broad spectrum anti-fungal cream useful for the treatment of Athletes Foot and other fungal infections.
Daktarin Cream is non-greasy and will not stain clothing or footwear.

Active Ingredients:
Miconazole Nitrate 20mg/g, Benzoic acid 2mg/g.

Directions & Precautions
There are no known contraindications. Occasionally some itching or a burning sensation occurs, particularly if the skin is raw.
If severe irritation or other signs of an allergic reaction occur, discontinue treatment and consult your pharmacist or doctor.
Avoid contact with the eyes.

For External use only

Clean and dry the affected area.
Apply a thin layer to the affected area twice daily.

Continue treatment for up to 2 weeks after symptoms have cleared.