Dettol Antiseptic Wound Wash Spray 100 ml


Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant Wound Wash Spray helps protect minor wounds from germs and infection. Ready to use antiseptic solution to wash out and cleanse wounds.

Use for:
Minor cuts and grazes.
Insect bites & stings.
Ready to use, convenient no touch application.

ForBenzalkonium Chloride 0.198% w/v.

Directions & Precautions
If swallowed, wash out mouth and drink plenty of water or milk. Avoid contact with eyes, if this occurs, wash thoroughly with cold water. In both cases consult your doctor and take this bottle with you. Do not mix with soaps, detergents or other chemicals.

For adults & children: Spray on to the wound to wash away any dirt and debris. After use the wound should look wet and clean. Wipe up any excess liquid with cotton wool or tissue. To be used once in 24 hours. Repeat as necessary every 24 hours for up to a maximum of 5 days