Echinature - Echinacea Extract 200 ml


Kiwiherb Echinature® is premium NZ-grown Echinacea root and Manuka honey to support healthy immune function and recovery.

Guaranteed high potency for optimal results. BioGro certified organic formulation. **

Each 1ml contains extracts equivalent to:

Certified organic herbal extract equiv. to dried Echinacea purpurea root 400mg
Standardised to contain not less than 0.6mg total alkylamides
Certified organic Manuka Honey 150mg
In a base of apple juice concentrate with natural orange and liquorice flavour

Contains No: Artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.
No Added: Gluten, yeast or dairy derivatives.

Suitable for vegetarians.
Contains alcohol.

Directions & Precautions
Temporary tingling in the mouth may occur as a natural effect of high-quality Echinacea. This is normal and indicative of the quality & potency of Echinacea.
If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

Do not use in place of prescribed anti-virals or anti-infectives.

Adults: Take 3-5ml
Children 6-12 Years: Take 1.5-2.5ml (or use Children’s Echinature®)

Maintenance Dose: Take once daily
During Risk Times: Take 3-4 times daily
Shake well before use. Dilute in 30ml of water or juice and drink immediately. Follow with a glass of water if required.