Ego Derm Ointment 50 g


Egoderm Ointment is designed to relieve and protect delicate skin, this soothing ointment helps reduce inflammation and relieve the itch caused by common skin conditions including dermatitis, eczema, genital and anal irritation, minor cold sores and nappy rash.

Effectively relieves itch and inflammation.
Protective base is suitable for tender skin.
Non-steroidal and free of lanolin to reduce the chance of irritation.
Suitable for adults, children and babies.


Active Ingredients:
Ichthammol (tumenol ammonium) 1% w/w, zinc oxide 15%, w/w.

Methyl hydroxybenzoate 0.1% w/w and propyl hydroxybenzoate 0.1% w/w.

Directions & Precautions
Always read the label.
Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist please see your healthcare professional.

Apply to affected skin 3 times daily or as needed. As soap may irritate, cleanse skin with Pinetarsol to reduce inflammation and relieve itching

Persistent scaly, itchy skin: After 3 to 5 days very itchy, less inflamed skin may require EgoPsoryl TA.

When condition clears, continue using successful preparation less frequently for complete recovery of underlying skin.