Eye Drops 10 ml


Brolene Eye Drops are for the treatment of eye infections such as acute and chronic conjunctivitis, and for the prevention of infection resulting from minor injuries to the eye caused by foreign bodies, etc. Useful for the initial treatment of ophthalmia neonatorum.

Brolene Eye Ointment is particularly suitable for the treatment of eyelid infections such as blepharitis and for the treatment of minor injuries to the eyes, particularly for night-time application. A useful indication is to relieve 'sticky eyes' very commonly experienced with babies

Benzalkonium Chloride solution, Propamidine Isethionate 0.1%

Directions & Precautions
Brolene should be discarded 4 weeks after first opening for domicillary use or 7 days after opening for hospital use, because of the risk of contamination.
If vision is disturbed or symptoms become worse during therapy, use should be discontinued and a physician should be consulted.
Discontinue use and seek medical advice if infection does not improve within 24-48 hours or clear completely in 7 days. There is always the possibility, although rare, of a sensitisation reaction resulting from the use of Brolene preparations; in such an event, treatment should be immediately discontinued.
Do not use Brolene when wearing soft or gas-permeable contact lenses.
Not to be used in eye infections in infants except on medical advice.

Before the application of Brolene, it is advisable, where practical, to cleanse the affected eye with warm water or saline solution which has previously been boiled.

Brolene Eye Drops should be instilled into the infected eye at the rate of one or two drops four times a day for not more than a week.