Gel Activ Insoles Sport Women 1 pair


Why use Scholl Gelactiv Sport?
It is developed to effectively absorb shocks and help reduce the excessive pressure of running or sports. With a strong arch support and cushioning it is carefully designed to fit athletic footwear. Gelactiv Technology. Strong arch support for active feet. impact cushioning for heel, knees & ankles. Sole-shape design for all day comfort

Size: 6-9

Ways to help prevent tired feet:
Wear shoes that fit well and provide appropriate cushioning and support
Move around frequently to facilitate circulation
Sit down and put your feet up when on break
Maintain optimal body weight

Directions & Precautions
Always read the label and use only as directed.

Usage instructions:
Trim to fit if necessary - Cut along the outline that matches your shoe size or use the original insole as a guide - For best results, remove existing insole and replace with Scholl GelActiv insoles with the Gel inside Down.
Replace the insoles when showing signs of wear - Every six (6) months recommended.
Can be used for - Athletic footwear - Everyday shoes / Trainers

Cleaning Instructions:
To clean, simply wipe with a warm soapy cloth (do not soak)