LEMSIP Sachets Max 10s



Take some time out with a comforting mug of our original Lemon hot drink. Its gentle soothing action will help to make you feel warm, comforted and on the road to well-being. Plus, the paracetamol can help to ease symptoms such as a sore throat and body aches and headaches. 

Active Ingredients:

Each Sachet Contains:
Paracetamol 500mg


Adults and children over 12yrs: 1-2 sachets (equiv to 2 500mg paracetamol tablets) every 4-6 hours when necessary up to a maximum of 8 Sachets in 24 hours.


  • Not recommended in children under 12yrs of age.
  • Do not exceed recommended dose.
  • Do not take any other medication containing paracetamol.