Licetec V Comb



Licetec V-Comb is a hygienic and mess-free electric device, that is able to detect and prevent head lice infestations while providing immediate visible results. With the help of suction power, the head lice and eggs that are combed out of the head are sucked into the capture filter housed within the V-Comb®, easily seen through the transparent capture filter chamber. After treatment, the capture filter is removed from the unit and sealed with a lid for hygienic disposal. 

  • ELIMINATES HEAD LICE & EGGS - Combing is still the recommended and most effective way of treating infestations. The V-Comb® takes this a step further by using suction power to extract both head lice and eggs into disposable capture filters.
  • ALLERGEN- & CHEMICAL-FREE - Chemical and alcohol-based anti-lice treatments are often too harsh and unpleasant for children. The V-Comb® is completely safe and suitable for the sensitive scalp.
  • DETECTS & PREVENTS INFESTATIONS - The V-Comb® can be used as many times as necessary, with its easily replaceable filters, which makes the device ideal for detecting head lice so further infestations are prevented.
  • HYGIENIC & MESS-FREE - The V-Comb® comes with a capture filter which traps extracted head lice and eggs during and after treatment. Each filter comes with a lid to prevent re-infestations in and around the home.
  • AS EASY AS COMBING - The V-Comb® unit is easy to use and provides immediate feedback and visible results as the user combs through the hair with its transparent LED-illuminated compartment.
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN - For its superiority in design, performance, and innovation, the V-Comb® was awarded a Good Design Selection. It has also met all necessary standards as monitored by multiple regulatory bodies. 

Directions & Precautions

  • Simply attach a new capture filter unto the V-Comb combing head, ensuring that it is securely fastened
  • Reattach the combing head into the main body by aligning the guiding arrows and twist to lock into place. As you comb, the V-Comb extracts head lice and eggs into a disposable capture filter housed within the unit.
  • After treatment is complete, simply detach Capture Filter from the V-Comb and secure the lid to seal off trapped head lice and eggs before discarding.
  • There’s no more guessing if your head lice treatment has worked because it’s all in the filter!