Nausicalm 6 tablets


Nausicalm is indicated for the prevention and treatment of nausea and vomiting including motion sickness, nausea and vomiting caused by narcotic analgesics and by general anaesthetics in the post-operative period and radiotherapy, especially for breast cancer since cyclizine does not elevate prolactin levels.

Nausicalm may be of value in relieving vomiting and attacks of vertigo associated with Meniere's disease and other forms of vestibular disturbance.


Cyclizine hydrochloride 50 mg

Other Ingredients

Lactose monohydrate
Magnesium stearate
Potato starch
Purified water

Directions & Precautions
Nausicalm should not be given to individuals with known hypersensitivity to cyclizine.

As with other anticholinergic agents, cyclizine should be used with caution and appropriate monitoring in patients with glaucoma, obstructive disease of the gastrointestinal tract and in males with possible prostatic hypertrophy.

Cyclizine should be used with caution in patients with severe heart failure. In such patients, cyclizine may cause a fall in cardiac output associated with increases in heart rate, mean arterial pressure and pulmonary wedge pressure. There have been no specific studies in hepatic and/or renal dysfunction.

There is no experience of the effect of cyclizine on human fertility. In the absence of any definitive human data, the use of cyclizine in pregnancy is not advised.

It is not known whether cyclizine or its metabolites are excreted in human milk.

Effects on Ability to Drive and Use Machines Studies designed to detect drowsiness did not reveal sedation in healthy adults who took a single oral therapeutic dose (50 mg) of cyclizine. Patients should not drive or operate machinery until they have determined their own response.

Although there are no data available, patients should be cautioned that cyclizine may have additive effects with alcohol and other central nervous system depressants, e.g. hypnotics and tranquillisers.

Store below 25°C

Adults and children over 12 Years: One tablet up to three times daily.

Children 6 – 12 Years: Half a tablet up to three times daily.

Children under 6 Years: Not recommended. Use in the