No Jet Lag Tablets 32 tablets


Jet lag is the curse of modern jet travel, resulting in loss of working efficiency and holiday enjoyment, often for days after arrival.

No-Jet-Lag, a unique homeopathic remedy, now offers a convenient solution.
Its effectiveness has been proven scientifically and is recognized internationally for over a decade by business & pleasure travelers, professional athletes/teams, celebrities, tour operators, travel agents, flight crews, military and diplomatic personnel.

For more detailed info, including scientific test results, please visit the No-Jet-Lag site.

Active Ingredients:

Arnica Montana 30C
Bellis Perennis 30C
Chamomilla 30C
Ipecacuanha 30C
Lycopodium 30C

Directions & Precautions
If pregnant or breastfeeding, seek professional medical advice before taking this product.

One tablet of No-Jet-Lag should be taken at the time of each take-off, another every two hours in flight, and another after each landing (including at intermediate stops). During long flights, the two-hour intervals may be extended if the user is sleeping.

Best taken separately from meals.

Seek medical advice for use with children under 2 years of age.