Permanent Haircolour Gel 9DR Copperish Gold 150ml

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Herbatint hair colours are permanent hair dyes which are made with the herbal extracts of Aloe vera, Meadowfoam, Witchazel, Echinacea and Birch. They contain no parabens or ammonia and only 3% peroxide. The lack of ammonia in Herbatint also prevents absorption of dye into the epidermis and also means it has no toxic smell once mixed. This can mean that allergic and sensitivity reactions are less likely. Herbatint contains p-phenylenediamine {PPD} but in much smaller concentrations than other hair dyes. This is used in all permanent hair dyes, with concentrations of PPD being up to 6%. Herbatint contains only 0.6% – 0.7% in the darker colours and has only traces of it in the light colours which is considerably less than many of the other hair colours available in NZ.


Choosing a colour: Select a colour close to your natural shade. 

If hair has 50% or more grey, you also need to select a colour from the ‘natural’ range numbered 1N – 10N. In order to achieve a total coverage of grey with the Ash {C}, Golden {D}, Copper {R} and Mahogany {M} colour series, mix the chosen colour {40ml} with a ‘natural’ series colour of the same number 20ml – 30mls of each works well. Use equal quantities of colour with Glycol.

If your hair has less than 50% grey and you wish to just cover the grey, select a shade 1-2 shades lighter than the desired outcome because when you add colour onto colour it will always go darker. If hair has little or no grey, the Copper {R}, Ash {C}, Golden {D} and Mahogany {M} shades can be used without mixing in a ‘natural’ base colour.


Herbatint contains 60 ml Haircolour Gel, 60 ml Glycol Developer, I pair of gloves, 15 mls shampoo and 15 mls Royal Cream Conditioner, and directions for use.

Directions & Precautions

 Always do a skin test prior to each application. Mix pea sized amounts of Herbatint™ colour and Developer and apply to skin (behind ear or on forearm below elbow). Leave on skin for 48 hours taking care not to wash off during this time. If you experience any reaction during this time (itchiness, swelling, redness) do not use the product. The same test can be applied to Vegetal if you are in any doubt as to sensitivity to the product ingredients.