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Power Gummies Dapper Hair & Beard

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Expire Date: 02/08/2024

  • As impressive as growing hair and beard might sound, it can be an equally hefty errand for men as it requires the right nutrients consistently being fed to the right parts, supporting your hair growth. But not anymore, because Dapper Hair and Beard gummies does just that for you.
  • Dapper hair and beard gummies are formulated with numerous hair and beard growth vitamins that penetrate into the hair follicle roots, fix and protect the lethargic hair follicles, work on nutrition retention, and speed up facial hair growth, so you don’t have to make a run for any other beard growth supplements.
  • We recommend consuming one gummy after lunch and dinner each. Just two gummies a day to take your hair worries away.

Directions & Precautions

Chew 2 gummies a day