Prospan Bronchial Syrup 200 ml


A powerful herbal formula made from dried ivy leaf to soothe the throat and help clear the airways.

Available in:
Original: 100ml & 200ml
Menthol: 100ml
What do I use it for?
Soothes the throat and helps clear the airways
Helps thin mucous and moistens dry irritated membranes of the airways
Suitable for everyone – even under 2’s
May be taken alongside any medication. Prospan® is sold in 102 countries as well as being the market leader in 35 countries. Add to that 65,000 patient trials proving its effectiveness, and more than 35 publications on clinical and non-clinical data, and it is no surprise that Prospan® is considered the number one ivy leaf formula in the world. Does not contain alcohol, sugar or artificial colours and has a pleasant taste, which helps with compliance in children and adults. Prospan® contains a patented form of ivy leaf extract that supports the receptors in the lungs helping the body with normal open airways and normal mucous viscosity. This supports the airways with normal breathing and moisture levels.

Each 5ml dose contains:

Ingredients Strength Units
Hedera helix (ivy leaf) dry extract (5-7.5:1) 35 mg

Prospan® Bronchial Syrup 100ml & 200ml also contains: Citric acid, natural cherry flavour, potassium sorbate, sorbitol 1.93 g/5 ml (sugar substitute), xanthan gum, purified water.

Prospan® Bronchial Syrup Menthol Flavour also contains: Menthol, citric acid, natural flavours, potassium sorbate, sorbitol 1.93 g/5 ml (sugar substitute), xanthan gum, purified water.

No Added: Gluten or wheat, dairy, yeast, sugar, artificial colours and flavours.

TIP: Shake well before use.

Directions & Precautions
Avoid Clinicians Prospan® Bronchial Syrup if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients or are fructose intolerant (due to the sorbitol content). Consult your health professional before taking Clinicians Prospan® Bronchial Syrup. To date insufficient studies have been performed during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Adults and children over 12 years: 5 ml 3 times daily.

Children 6-12 years: 5 ml twice daily.

Children 2-6 years: 2.5 ml twice daily (Menthol 100ml not suitable for children under 6).

Children under 2 years of age: 2.5 ml twice daily* (Menthol 100ml not suitable for children under 6).

*Young children can develop serious illness quite quickly and should be assessed by a doctor before taking Prospan®.