Silicone Gel 3 x 12 cm


Cica Care Scar Treatment Gel Sheet is a patented cutting edge scaCica Care Scar Treatment Gel Sheet may be used day or night. It is resilient, comfortable to apply and re-usable. Plus, the sheets are suitable for whole family, including adults and children. The improved appearance of scars can be seen within 2 to 4 months of using the sheets.

Self adhesive silicone gel sheet. No need for secondary fixation, hence its user friendly feature that offers convenience.
Medically proven to improve scar appearance by 90%.
Durable. Features a combination of silicone membrane and gel for increased resilience
Comfortable. Its conformable feature allows it to be placed in various parts of the body, even earlobes and sternal areas
Reusable. The sheets may be washed and used again. It may last up to 28 days. Benefits of Using Cica Care Scar Treatment Gel Sheetr care treatment using silicone gel sheets. These medically proven self adhesive silicone gel sheets improves the appearance of red, dark or raised scars by up to 90%. In fact, it can also be applied on scars over 20 years old. More and more medical professionals are using the gel sheets for scar treatment.


Directions & Precautions
Cica-Care is contra-indicated for patients with complicating medical factors which would make them unable to use the dressing properly and in patients with dermatological conditions which disrupt the integrity of the skin in areas of coverage. Do not use on open or infected wounds. Do not use on skin currently affected by acne.

Follow instructions for use carefully.

Do not use unless skin surrounding the scar or closed wound is normal. Do not use with ointments or creams under the gel sheet. In some patients a rash has been observed on the scar and surrounding skin. Should a rash occur, reduce Cica-Care therapy time to 12 hours on, 12 hours off. If the rash persists discontinue use and consult your physician or medical advisor. On surgical incisions, use Cica-Care only after sutures have been removed

Single gel sheet, cut to size. Red and raised scars both old and new. Clean sheet twice daily and reapply. Cica-Care is durable and reusable. Each cut piece lasts up to 28 days in use, making it a cost effective regime.