Thursday Plantation

Tea Tree Deodorant Roll On 60 ml


Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Deodorant Roll On combats unwanted body odours to leave skin smelling clean and fresh. It fights bacterial agents that cause odours with its aluminium-free formulation. With its simple roll on feature, it is fairly easy to use and promotes dryness upon application.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Deodorant Roll On is perfect for everyday use.

Fights bacteria by neutralizing its action
With unique combination of tea tree oil, horse chestnut, horsetail and soothing rosemary and chamomile
Features 100% pure Australian tea tree oil

This deodorant combines the bactericidal action of Tea Tree Oil with the fragrance enhancers and soothing effects of boronia, chamomile, rosemary, balm mint, nettles, horse chestnut, coltsfoot, horsetail and sage. It also contains a pH balancer to benefit the skin.

Directions & Precautions
Always read the label. Use only as directed. Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs.
Do not use:
* Internally: this product has been designed for external skin application
* Near eyes: avoid contact with eyes due to eye sensitivity

For external use only. Apply daily directly to underarms.