Urofem D-Mannose 1000mg 50 tablets



The health of your bladder and urinary tract depends mainly on effectively deterring certain bacteria from adhering from the lining of the bladder. A buildup of bacteria causes bladder and urinary tract (UT) imbalances. Many women may be able to feel when a UT imbalance is occurring or coming.

UroFem D-mannose is a naturally occurring carbohydrate that naturally deters harmful bacteria from adhering to the bladder and urinary tract walls resulting in the natural removal of bacteria.

UroFem is Non-Antibiotic, Naturally Acting & Available Without Prescription.


Each tablet contains:
Pure D-mannose 1000mg

Directions & Precautions

It is recommended that if you are currently suffering from a UTI to consult your healthcare professional.

Adults and children over 12 years: Maintenance
UroFem is to be taken 1 tablet (1000mg) twice daily

Acute Symptoms
UroFem is to be taken 1 tablet (1000mg) three times daily

UroFem tablets are scored down the center to allow easy dividing for people that find swallowing tablets difficult.

If your symptoms persist or return consult your healthcare professional