Vida Glow

Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen - Mocha 30 sachets



Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen Sachets heat-stable Mocha marine collagen formula is a deliciously rich blend for those wanting to add the benefits of collagen to your daily cup of coffee.

Both the real coffee and chocolate in our Mocha blend are potent sources of antioxidants and also help protect against premature ageing. Exposure to the harsh environment and environmental pollutants can accelerate skin ageing by degrading collagen and triggering oxidative stress in the skin. The natural antioxidants help maintain firm, youthful skin by inhibiting oxidative damage to cells within the body.


Natural Marine Collagen, Coffee Flavour, Chocolate Flavour, Stevia

Directions & Precautions

Quantity 1
Perfect for those who are after a natural boost to their body’s collagen production and want to get a step ahead in maintaining their healthy hair, skin and nails.

Take 1 sachet a day, either in the morning or in the evening.

Quantity 2
Aimed at those with the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles, weak nails and fine hair. Enjoy more youthful-looking, clear and smooth skin – as well as added volume and shine to your hair and strengthening of splitting nails.

Take 2 sachets a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.



  • Always read the label. Use only as directed.
  • Nutritional supplements may only be of assistance if the dietary intake is inadequate.
  • Supplements should not be used to replace a healthy balanced diet and adequate physical exercise.
  • Keep all medications and supplements out of reach of children.
  • If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

Quantity 3
This is our Beauty Overhaul Package, for those with wrinkles, very fine hair, a dull complexion and brittle nails. Very popular with Brides or anyone who is looking for a real ‘pick me up’ ahead of a special event.

Take 3 sachets a day, one in the morning, one at lunch, and one in the evening.