We Vibe

We Vibe Chorus


We-Vibe Chorus – More controle with more feeling for the couple to enjoy together. We-Vibe Chorus is the most intuitive couples vibrater yet. It has new squeeze controle, allowing the couple to stay in the moment and increase the vibration by simple squeesing the remote. It is shaped to wear during sex with powerful vibrations that will stimulate the G-spot. Touch-sense helps the We-Vibe Chorus respond to touch, allowing it to adjust during play.

Explore the new We-Vibe Chorus and let your partner long for more.

  • Unique couple toy
  • Adjustable vibrator
  • Pinch technology
  • 2 motors
  • 10 positions
  • Luxury charging station
  • With remote control
  • Can be operated worldwide with the We-Connect App