We Vibe

We Vibe Nova 2


Nova - Beyond a classic rabbit vibrator

Powerful dual stimulation
Adjustable fit
Flexible arm
Water resistant
Can be charged with USB
Used with We-Connect app
Ergonomically shaped
Made from skin-friendly, soft silicone
Non-stop pleasure, even during your wildest moves. Experience a blended orgasm – the new and improved Nova 2 flexes with you, keeping constant contact with your clitoris while stimulating your G-spot. Plus, play and share control with the free We-Connect™ app.

Nova's internal G-spot stimulator is adjustable to fit your unique body so you can feel the vibrations right where you want them. The shape is easy to adjust, then stays in position once you've found the perfect fit.

Flexes with your movements. Nova’s improved, flexible external stimulator ensures constant contact with the clitoris so the vibrations are always right where you want them.

Nova's ergonomic handle makes the experience more comfortable than ever, while the design of the product ensures you won't have to reposition the stimulators with each movement.

Short Distance Remote Play:
You can choose to either sync the toy to the app and operate the toy via your smart phone, or you can sync the toy to the remote control that comes included (refer to the manual for instructions on how to connect and sync). The benefits of using the phone app is that it provides you with visual information, such as what power level the toy is on, what pattern you have selected and even how much battery life you have left in the toy. The remote obviously doesn’t give you this visual information, but it does provide tactile information (you can feel the buttons) which might be more beneficial if you want to lay back with your eyes closed. Being smaller, it is also easier to grasp and control during strenuous play. You can always switch between the two options but syncing does take ten to twenty seconds of fiddling that may interrupt the mood.

Long Distance Remote Play:
First, the owner/user needs to download the app. Then you need to sync your We-Vibe 4 Plus to the app. It connects via Bluetooth LE Smart Phones and once synced, you can control the toy via your smart phone. For your partner to control the toy, they will also need to download the app. Once they have it, the person with the toy sends a request to their partner via the app called "connect to my lover”. Your partner will get a text/email (depending on which option you choose to send them) with a link to connect. If they accept, your partner's phone will be controlling the app on your phone, which in turn will be operating the toy. Phew!