Xerostom Mouth Pastilles 30pk



1 in 4 people suffers from dry mouth due to lack of saliva production. The role of is really important because Saliva contains mucus, antibodies and enzymes.

Lubrication and binding
Solubilizes dry foods
Cleans oral cavity
Initiates starch digestion
Provides alkaline buffering and fluid
Evaporates cooling
Protects teeth against caries
Protects against bacteria

Xerostomia is a consequence not only of the decrease of the quantity but also of the quality of saliva.
However, only when the saliva is reduced by 50 % or more, dry mouth or xerostomia is perceived.

Dry mouth makes your mouth unprotected and hence requires extra protection.


Active ingredients include
•Betaine contains lubricating and osmoprotective properties on oral mucosa.
•Olive oil protects against infections, prevents cavities and fights halitosis.
•Fluoride and Calcium enables the remineralisation
•Xylitol prevents plaque from forming and adhering to teeth, controls the pH levels in the mouth.
•Vitamin E is an antioxidant.
•Allantoin promotes healing and regeneration of soft tissue.
•Vitamin B5 aids the healing of damaged tissues.
•Potassium diminishes tooth sensitivity.

The range of Xerostom products is sugar free, sodium lauryl sulphate free and alcohol free.

Directions & Precautions

The combined use of this product line increases salivary flow rate up to 200 %.

Relieves pain associated with dry mouth, improves mouth and throat dryness and mitigates thirst due to lack of saliva.
Does not contain sugar nor citric acid or any other substances likely to cause irritation. Neutral pH. Less than 0.5 calories per pastille.
Suck 3-4 pastilles a day or when feeling dry mouth.

Keep pastilles in the mouth until dissolved completely.
Use in combination with the complete XEROSTOM product line: toothpaste,
mouthwash, saliva substitute, mouth spray and dental gum.
Suitable for diabetics and those suffering from phenylketonuria (PKU).

General advice : Drink water frequently. Do not forget your mouth hygiene. Dry mouth can be controlled.