Xerostom Mouthwash 250ml



Xerostom is especially formulated for people suffering from dry mouth or xerostomia, and is alcohol, sodium lauryl sulphate and sugar-free.
Xerostom cleans and relieves dryness, lubricating and replenishing moisture in the mouth. It soothes the tissues while cleaning and protects the mouth from cavities and bacterial plaque.


•Betaine contains lubricating and osmoprotective properties on oral mucosa.
•Olive oil protects against infections, prevents cavities and fights halitosis.
•Fluoride and Calcium enables the remineralisation
•Xylitol prevents plaque from forming and adhering to teeth, controls the pH levels in the mouth.
•Vitamin E is an antioxidant.
•Allantoin promotes healing and regeneration of soft tissue.
•Vitamin B5 aids the healing of damaged tissues.
•Potassium diminishes tooth sensitivity.


Directions & Precautions

Rinse your mouth with Xerostom mouthwash whenever you feel your mouth to be furry or your breath has become unpleasant. Remember that bad breath means bacteria proliferation: gingivitis and periodontitis.

Our advice is:
Do not wash out your mouth with water after brushing teeth or rinsing your mouth. Benefits of Xerostom will be longer lasting this way.