Zostrix HP Topical Analgesic Cream 45 g


Zostrix Hp Cream is used to relieve the pain arising from the nerves near the surface of the skin. This pain follows Herpes Zoster (shingles) after the sores have healed.

Zostrix Hp Cream is also used to relieve the pain suffered by diabetic patients with peripheral polyneuropathy, (damage to the nerves to the limbs).

Zostrix HP Cream contains capsules aicin (0.075%) as an active ingredient, a naturally occuring substance found in plants of the Solanaceae family. Zostrix Hp Cream has a topical analgesic effect. It is thought that it works by reducing levelsof a chemical (sucstance P), which is involved in transmitting pain impulses to the brain.

capsule aicin USP 0.075% w/w.

Directions & Precautions
If condition worsens, or does not improve after 28 days, discontinue use of this product and consult your doctor.
Not suitable for use in children under 2yrs.

Lightly massage a small amount into the skin around the affected area 3 to 4 times a day. The applications should be spaced evenly throughout the day. zostrix hp may cause temporary burning on application.This burning is observed more frequently if zostrix hp is used less than 3 times a day. Unless treating hands, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after application.